Name: Unknown
Alias(es): Nails
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: Frank Semyon
Profession: Bodyguard
Personal Driver
Played by: Chris Kerson
Seasons: 2
First episode: The Western Book of the Dead
Appears in: 2 season, 3 episodes
Nails is Frank's Semyon business associate and his personal driver.

Biography Edit

Events prior Season 2 Edit

Nails was with Stan at the bar where Ray Velcoro met Frank Semyon.

The Western Book of the Dead Edit

He is seen at Frank's poker room lounge.

Night Finds You Edit

Nails stands beside Frank when he's talking to Ray about Ben Caspere's death importance. Later he is seen driving Frank after his unsuccessful meeting with Jacob McCandless. Nails accompanied Frank to his meeting with Danny Santos at "Lux Infinitum" club.

Maybe Tomorrow Edit

When Frank asks him if Osip could've done Caspere, Nails replies that it's not his department but he looks like half Anaconda and half Great White. Nails is seen when Frank discovers Stan's body.

Omega Station Edit

Nails is tasked with escorting Jordan Semyon out of the country while Frank finalizes his exit strategy.

Personality Edit

Nails is calm, collected and stoic person. He only speaks when asked and tends to follow orders without asking.

Trivia Edit

"Nails" is a nickname based on a conversation he had with Frank at the beginning of Omega Station, reminiscing about the time Frank had saved him from Teamsters that had driven a nail through his head.