Miguel Gilb
Name: Miguel Gilb
Status: Deceased
Date of death: January 23, 2015
Place of death: Vinci, CA
Cause of death: Inadvertently shot in the head by fellow mercenary while being used as a human shield by Paul Woodrugh
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: Ares Security
Played by: Gabriel Luna
Season: 2
Miguel Gilb was a ex-Black Mountain mercenary officer-turned-Ares Security operative on Jacob McCandless' payroll and a war veteran, who fought in the Middle East and was a wartime buddy and former lover of Paul Woodrugh. He serves as a minor antagonist in the second season of True Detective.


Little is known about his early life although it can be assumed that he was born or grew up in Vinci and at a young age joined the army. There, he met with Paul Woodrugh and together they joined private security firm Black Mountain and fought around the Middle East, mainly Iraq and Afghanistan.

Maybe TomorrowEdit

Woodrugh meets his old friend Miguel as they haven't seen each other for quite some time. After Miguel reminds Paul of their homosexual encounter during the war, an enraged Woodrugh, who is highly ashamed of their encounter, responds by pushing him to the ground and angrily leaves.

Down Will ComeEdit

Woodrugh awakens the other day from his investigation into the prostitutes at Danny Santos' place to find that he has slept with Miguel, who encourages Paul to accept who he is. Refusing to address the issue, Woodrugh leaves Miguel's place to find his motorcycle gone and is later accosted by reporters asking questions about his time with a private military contractor in Iraq.

Black Maps and Motel RoomsEdit

Woodrugh is contacted by a third party blackmailing him with photos from his night with Gilb. Woodrugh is then lured to a meeting with his blackmailer, Chief William Holloway, who demands the documents taken from a party that are of great importance to Jacob McCandless, who hired Ares Security operatives to assist Holloway. It is then revealed that Miguel is a member of the security team that guards Holloway and demands the documents. Instead, Woodrugh overpowers Holloway and is drawn into a shootout with Miguel and the security operatives. Paul manages to take out two members of the security team and manages to overpower Miguel and use him as a human shield, causing the last Ares operative to shoot at him, accidentally killing Miguel in the process. After killing the last operative, Paul grabs himself by the head and briefly looks at Miguel's corpse before leaving the place, only to be ambushed and killed by Holloway's right-hand man Lt. Kevin Burris.

Behind the Scenes Edit

He was portrayed by Gabriel Luna.