Ledo Amarilla
Name: Ledo Amarilla
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Ray Velcoro and Paul Woodrugh
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Residence(s): Vinci
Affiliation: Irina
Profession: Pimp/Drug and gun dealer
Played by: Cesar Garcia
Seasons: 2
First episode: Down Will Come
Appears in: 2 season, 1 episode

Ledo Amarilla was Irina's pimp and the leader of a crew that dealt in methamphetamine, prostitution and weapons trafficking in Vinci, California. He served as a minor antagonist in the second season of True Detective.

Biography Edit

Nothing is known about his early life although his name suggests he has Mexican heritage.

Night Finds YouEdit

After an investigation is launched into the death of corrupt city manager Ben Caspere, Ray Velcoro, Ani Bezzerides and Paul Woodrugh form a special investigative unit to determine the true circumstances around Caspere's death.

Down Will ComeEdit

Paul and Dixon follow up on a lead at a pawn shop where they uncover a prostitute named Irina selling a watch, owned by Caspere. Under pressure from Vinci PD to close the case, Velcoro, Bezzerides, Woodrugh, Dixon and the police lead a raid against Irina's pimp, Ledo Amarilla, as his fingerprints were found on the watch. However, they are ambushed when the building is found to be a methamphetamine lab. One of Amarilla's henchmen opens fire on the police, killing numerous officers in the process. As Amarilla tries to escape, he crashes his SUV into a city bus during a demonstration against the rail project. He and his accomplices then open fire on the crowd as the police move in, killing numerous unarmed civilians and policemen. After all of his men are killed, Amarilla takes a nearby hostage and once Velcoro and Woodrugh refuse to back off, Amarilla executes the hostage and attempts to shoot both men but is ultimately shot to death by Velcoro and Woodrugh. Velcoro, Bezzerides and Woodrugh are left horrified at the mass civilian and police casualties after the long gunfight is over.

Black Maps and Motel RoomsEdit

Using information from Semyon, Vera and the police database, Ray, Ani and Paul are able to formulate a theory on Caspere's death: that a group of corrupt police—Holloway, Burris, Dixon and Caspere—used the 1992 riots to steal the diamonds which they used to buy into the Vinci power structure; however, Laura, a child orphaned during the robbery, tracked them down and after posing as Caspere's assistant, killed him after confirming his involvement. Everything from their discovery of the diamonds through to the shoot-out with Amarilla has been manipulated from behind the scenes by Vinci PD to cover up their involvement in the original crime.