True Detective centers around just that, detective work. This page is dedicated to cataloging any case clues as they are revealed.

Season 1Edit

Dora LangeEdit


The victim's body is found posed in a kneeling, worshipful position, facing a tree:

True-Detective-Wikia S01-E01 Clue Pose Dora 01


A spiral was painted on the victim's back with basic blue acrylic paint using a thick glove finger:

True-Detective-Wikia S01-E01 Clue Spiral Dora 01


A makeshift crown was placed on the victim's head. The crown consists of rose thorns, berry cane, and switch grass wrapped around a bent branch and attached to a set of deer antlers:

True-Detective-Wikia S01-E01 Clue Crown Dora 01

Cajun bird trapsEdit

Twig latticework, like a Cajun bird traps, were found with her body:

True-Detective-Wikia S01-E01 Clue Cajun-bird-trap Dora 01
True-Detective-Wikia S01-E01 Clue Cajun-bird-trap Dora 02

Coroner reportEdit

  • Washed clean, no prints
  • Ligature marks on wrists and ankles
  • Bound by half inch rope for 10-20 hours
  • Evidence of vaginal intercourse
  • Bound upright
  • Hadn't eaten in a day or more
  • Toxicology report showed lysergic acid (LSD) and methamphetamine

Conclusion: Victim was drugged, bound, tortured with a knife, strangled, and then posed.

The Serial KillerEdit

Cohle and Hart come across an old burned out church in their search for the church mentioned on the flyer found in Dora's diary. Inside, Cohle discovers a crude but chilling image of a nude woman with antlers painted on one of the walls that is still standing. The figure portrayed is eerily similar to that of victim Dora Lange's posed body:

True-Detective-Wikia S01-E02 Clue Burned-Out-Church-Woman-Antlers 01

Possible CluesEdit

Seen on the kitchen wall at the Hart home is a spiral drawn by one of Martin's daughters. Normally, this could simply be the random scribblings of a child, but it seems too specific in this case given the recurring spiral pattern in the storyline.

True-Detective-Wikia S01-E01 Clue Spiral Hart-Kids 01