Chad Velcoro-Brune
Chad Velcoro-Brune
Name: Chad Velcoro-Brune
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Education: Schoolboy
Father: Ray Velcoro
Richard Brune
Mother: Gena Brune
Other family: Eddie Velcoro (grandfather)
Played by: Trevor Larcom
Seasons: 2
First mentioned: "The Western Book of the Dead"
Chad Velcoro-Brune is the son of Alice Brune (formerly Velcoro) and Ray Velcoro. After a DNA test, Chad was confirmed as Ray's biological son.

Biography Edit

For the first two months following Chad's birth, Ray raised him alone. Chad and Ray have enjoyed building scale vehicular models together as a hobby. Chad attends Mount Gabriel Elementary, a school within the Los Angeles Unified School District.


Trivia Edit

  1. He likes the well-known series Friends.
  2. He seems to love his father, Ray, as he keeps Eddie's insignia close to him.